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Joe, Tracy, and Madeline 

The Meeting
- Joe and I met at work, where so many people meet.  He came in to pick up an offer letter and I thought, wow, he's a hottie.  While we were chatting, he mentioned something about a wife, so I thought the hottie was a "not-tie" and gave up on him.  A couple of months later, he came into the office again and I thought, wow, too bad he's married.  It turns out that he actually was married, but was in the process of a divorce.  Somebody had been trying to set us up on a blind date, but the setter-upper was young, so I thought the "blind date" was her age - and I'm too old for anyone her age - so I delcined the blind date.  Well, when I found out about the divorce and he was the blind date, I said let's do it.  we arranged for him to be at a cookout - actually I think we arranged a cookout and invited him.  He brought chocolate cake - gotta love a man who brings chocolate cake on the first (blind) date.  We chatted, he thought I was weird, I thought he was hot.  When he went to leave, he asked for my number (I knew I had him - weird or not), hugged me, grabbed my butt in the hug, so I made him turn around and I grabbed his but.  He we are, weird butt grabbers together forever. 

The Proposal - He took me to the beach in a blizzard.  I was a bit hormonal, so when he was trying to be romantic by asking me what I think about when I look way out at all of the water I answered, "I always wonder how people know which way to swim when the plane crashes in the middle of the ocean."  Yes, real romanic, huh?  I think he may have been expecting some kind of answer about eternity, but he received quite the opposite.  Poor Joe.  He then, dropped down to one knee and asked me to marry him, depsite my dismal answer.  We were married in 2007, in hot and humid downtown Leonardtown.

The Baby - Not long after we were married, I gave birth to the most beautifil baby I have ever seen, Madeline Alexandra Horan.  God couldn't have given me anything better in my life than the opportunity to have a child.  We now have a wonderful family of our own and are surrounded by a loving group of family and
friends - who could ask for more.  Maddy is almost 2 years old now and boy has time flown by so quickly.  By the time I get this page done, she will most likely be typing it herself.  Every moment with her is so entertaining - and all this time I thought shopping was my only source of entertainment.

We have made so many great memories and will continue to make more. With our families and friend being scattered throughout the country, we decided to create this website for family updates and pictures.  Though people really only want to see pictures/updates of Maddy, it's okay, Joe and I aren't offended.

Hopefully, I will keep this updated, so come back and visit.


Our new family

Baby boy

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